It’s the most wonderful Book Week time of the year

This week is officially Book Week at schools and libraries across Australia. And Book Week means author visits – which are just as much fun for the author as they are for the kids. Today I was out at St Francis of Assisi Primary School in Mill Park all day doing sessions with groups of … Continued

My guide to watching Buffy and Angel post-TV

This week the fabulous, genius-man Joss Whedon is coming to Melbourne. He’s appearing at the opening night of the Melbourne Writers’ Festival and Gwhedeeks (think Gleeks, but Whedon-Geeks) like me are very excited. Despite visiting Melbourne a few times, Joss has never partaken in a public event like he’ll be doing this Friday evening. Consequently, … Continued

On Sneakiness: Reclaiming the art of being sneaky for good, not evil

Sneakiness is often associated with badness. For example, we all know that robbers sneak about in the night and mice sneak into kitchens to steal crumbs. We believe that to sneak is to perform an act of deceit or betrayal. But perhaps it is not the sneakiness that is evil here. A robber could still … Continued

I am writing Pigeon letters

It’s been a while since I wrote a letter that wasn’t an attempt to get out of a parking fine. It’s been even longer since I wrote correspondence by hand that wasn’t a postcard. And for the remainder of 2010 I’ll be writing and receiving letters that have nothing to do with 15-minute parking zones … Continued

Uncool Words

Some words are inherently cool. Like gorgonzola. But some words are not so lucky. Be it through time or an unfortunate circumstance there are some words that exist today that are quite simply uncool. Here, by my reckoning, are a few of them. Feel free to disagree with me or add your own uncool words … Continued