The Anatomy of the Common Beard (Revised Edition)

After the comments and feedback left on my previous post about the bits and pieces that make up one’s beard, I now present the revised edition of The Anatomy of the Common Beard.


And here’s the KEY:

PHILTRUMLINGS: The hair of the philtrum.

SIDEBURNLINGS: The hair of the sideburn.

CHEEKFUZZLINGS: The fuzzy hair of the cheek.

GINGERLINGS: The inexplicable ginger hair on blonde or brunette beard.

BERMUDATRIANGLINGS: The place where hair refuses to grow at all despite the clear geographical requirement of hair growth.

UNDERLINGS: Neck hairs.

TRANSCHESTLINGS:  The hairs that sit just under the Adam’s apple and glare enviously past the collarbone.

Thanks to Phill, Ken, #2 and Housemate Numero Uno for their input.