The Greatest Blogger book launch

The Greatest Blogger in the World was officially launched last week at Readings Carlton in Melbourne by author/broadcaster Tony Wilson. It was a lovely evening. Tony said nice things about the book, lots of people came to listen to him, most importantly, I got to wear a suit jacket. And it wasn’t even a wedding.

Big ups to Readings and Hardie Grant Egmont for putting on the launch and letting me pretend I’m more important than I am for just one night.


Tony Wilson (author of Harry Highpants and Grannysaurus Rex) launching the book.


Me and my suit jacket.


All the lovely people who came to Readings to hear Tony talk about the book and then stayed while I read a small extract out.


I signed books. People wanted me to. I felt very important.


And here’s my with my family and my friend Sean who MC’d the evening. And yes, I have a big (but beautiful) family and yes, my Mum has been doing bunny ears to us all our lives. Sigh.

And here’s some of what Tony Wilson had to say when he was launching my book. Thanks to Rob McD and Matty Soccio for the photos and video.

2 thoughts on “The Greatest Blogger book launch”

  1. I have been told that those strange flowers that are obscuring your right ear are officially called `orange pokers.’

    And I thought Tony Wilson spoke very well. He spoke quite seriously about the themes in the book which I thought was nice.

  2. I liked your suit jacket and the wine. And when people would look curiously at the book I would exclaim loudly “I have read it and it’s REALLY good!”.

    I actually did do that.

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