The Greatest Competition in the World

If you haven’t seen it over at there is currently a Greatest Blogger in the World competition going to write a small blog post and go into the running to win one of two Apple MacBooks. Pretty cool, huh?


To enter all you have to do is write a blog post that contains these words from the book:

Illegal red cordial
Unshorm merino
Duck on a leash
The Boots
Dr Maryloaf
School par-tay
Lola Cat
Granny flat
Trunk Food Company

I wish I could enter the competition but since I’m judging it I can’t. But I’ve still had a go at making a blog post of my own out of all the above words. This is what I came up with:


One day instead of going to school I went see Dr FAP with my Grandma because my foot felt weird like cardboard. I took the boots on my feet off and the doctor feel back in shock and knocked my Granny flat! We were amazed to see there was a cat living on my foot. Who knows how long it had been there.  It was holding on with its claws and seemed to be having a good old par-tay down there.

The doctor picked up his phone and called for Nurse Lola to come in. But Nurse Lola was attending to an opera singer in a tuxedo who had shoved an entire bottle of red cordial down his throat during reherasals for a new opera called I Shoved an Entire Bottle of Red Cordial Down My Throat. So instead Nurse Mary came in to help us.

She reached for a pair of clippers and told us the only solution was to shave the cat. She said it was as wooly as a merino and could not go on unshorn. In fact to leave it unshorn would be illegal. After the cat was shaved we had to duck as it jumped up and tried to escape. But Dr FAP put it on a leash and suddenly we had a new pet. To celebrate Nurse Mary brought out a loaf of sugar bread. Even Nurse Lola and the opera singer (cordial bottle now removed) came and joined us for the company and the food.

Just before we left Dr FAP stuck a barcode to our new cat’s head. He told us this was in case she got lost, we could always scan her to make sure she really was our cat.

Back at school the next day nobody believed my story. They all said they believe that it was possible to shove an entire bottle of red cordial down your throat. Oh well.


To enter the blogging competition yourself visit

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  1. Do you know how many people have entered the competion because i just want to know what im up against


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