The Anatomy of the Common Beard

Winter is certainly a time when beards are at their most sported. Every second or third man seems to wear a beard at some point of winter.

After a discussion on Twitter today about the various parts of the beard, mostly with a chap called Phill, a new set of beard terms have been reached that I think reflect the class and dignity inherent in a fur-face.


8 thoughts on “The Anatomy of the Common Beard”

  1. I wish to propose one more class that appears just below your marvellous illustration: transchestlings, hairs that sit just under the Adam’s apple and glare enviously past the collarbone.

    Love the sketch (:

  2. What about those patchy bits in the middle of the cheekfuzzling region where hair refuses to grow at all despite the clear geographical requirement of hair growth…? Bermudatrianglings..?

  3. What about those beard hairs that are inexplicable ginger while the beard owner is himself blonde or brunette?


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  5. Hi Andrew
    I’ve just started your book. I like it so far. Thank you for signing it for me.
    I like Barcode.
    I haven’t got a blog yet because Dad won’t let me but I want one.
    From Indigo!!!

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