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  • On Flying: Why Getting High Wouldn’t Be So Dope After All

    Beginning of discussion. It is only natural for humans to want to fly. The human desire to move beyond the laws of gravity and take to the skies is the business of all pilots, astronauts and motivational speakers who talk in metaphors. And there are many more of us who would like to make it […]

  • MWF and Andrew McDonalds

    I have my first festival apperance coming up this week and it is très exciting. The Melbourne Writers Festival, no less! I’ll be in conversation with Andrew Finegan about Nerds, Blogging and the Art of Cool. However, I am probably only qualified to talk about one and a half of those things. I think I […]

  • BEDA #12: Andrew McDonald the Musician

    I have come across another interview with someone called Andrew McDonald who is not me. This time the namesake in question is Australian acoustic muso Andrew McDonald. That’s him below. The interview appeared in the November issue of a Singaporean gaming magazine called Playworks last year. Much like the last time this happened I have […]

  • BEDA #7: Andrew McDonald the Shoemaker

    One week into BEDA and I’m finding blogging every day to be easier than I thought it would be. It certainly helps when I’m sent articles like this one about my namesake Andrew McDonald the Shoemaker from Sydney. That’s a photo of Andrew above, taken from the interview in today’s small business section of the […]