Op Shop Booking

A recent weekend spent down at Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff yielded four new, second-hand books purchased from Barwon Booksellers – a tidy, slightly expensy second-hand bookshop found within what used to be a small church. Quaint, indeed.


I now look forward to reading for the first time ever The Chocolate War and Harriet the Spy. The two Philip Pullman books I just had to buy because of their pretty, understated and not-fantasyesque covers. Now to find The Amber Spyglass version to complete the series.

3 thoughts on “Op Shop Booking”

  1. They still have the same title typography as the editions I have. But they look like 1970s art books, the sort that might be sold at Book Affair on Elgin St. Or that, alternatively, I might have researched my high school art history essays from.

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