It’s Real

It’s a pretty weird feeling receiving your own book in the mail. I just rode home from work to find two packages in the letterbox – one of which was my book, fresh from the printers. It was a totally fantastic moment and therefore a slightly egotistical one (egotastical?).  It reminded me of the time as a teenager when I bought myself a Christmas present and put it under tree, labelled ‘To Andrew’,  until Christmas Day when I opened it up and was thrilled to receive a present that I actually wanted.


That’s me with the book there. The other package in the mail today was my Dinosaur Comics T-shirt titled Let’s Say You’ve Gone Back In Time which I am also proudly sporting above.

It’s weird to distill a year and a half’s worth of work (and not just my own work but the work of the excellent Hardie Grant Egmont people too) into one moment when everything becomes  something to hold between your fingers. But I should probably try to curb such grossly sentimental guff until the book launch.

And now, I’m off to show the book to everyone I know. Oh and read my Time Travel T-shirt in a make-up mirror in the bathroom mirror.

9 thoughts on “It’s Real”

  1. Ahhhh!
    Congratulations, Andrew. Thanks for sharing the exact moment with us. It must have been amazing. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

  2. Thanks everyone. Like my co-worker said in the office today, thank god I didn’t have to self-publish my first novel.

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