The stories of St Francis of Assisi Primary School

Yesterday I spent the first day of Book Week at St Francis of Assisi Primary School in Mill Park, Victoria. The grade six students that I did sessions with there were keen book readers and keen writers too. I’ve been finishing up my school sessions with little lessons in story writing and by the end of each session at St Francis, I’d workshopped characters and plot with the group and together they’d written a cool little story up on the whiteboard. Oh, and illustrated a front cover for their story too!

And it is with great pleasure that I now present the stories as written (and illustrated) by the grade six students of St Francis of Assisi Primary School.


by 6L


by 6W


by 6M and 6S


by 6P

6 thoughts on “The stories of St Francis of Assisi Primary School”

  1. My favourite is Time Football, which I can definitely see in bookshops.

    But I also love the way The Rapping Camel raps country music and not hip-hop. And I think Missing The Horn is a very poetic title.

  2. thanks mel and teresa! we like our story, and all the grade 6’s stories from St Francis of Assisi!

    and thanks andrew for blogging our stories on the internet. we just read them in class, it’s pretty cool to see our very own story published on the internet. it’s even better to see that people are reading them and commenting on them!!

    and thanks again for visiting our school last week.

    from 6P

  3. 6P, you are all very welcome. Thanks for being such a lovely and creative group of people! Good luck with all your future writing!


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