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  • Melbourne’s new Wheeler Centre – a History and a Plug

    It’s an exciting time to be living in Melbourne, Australia, The World. Last year Melbourne was announced as the second UNESCO City of Literature, closely beating out Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago for the honour. This meant that Melbourne needed to find an entity to be the centrepiece of the new City of Literature. After scouting […]

  • BEDA #25 & 26: The Womb Jacket

    So I officially suck at BEDA (Blog Every Day April). Blogging every day is hard work especially when the world offers distractions like french toast, Fleetwood Mac and Hannah Montana. Plus the Melbourne weather decided to cut to the chase this weekend and sent us headlong into Winter. Which meant it was time to get […]

  • Watsonia

    I was raised in an outer suburb of Melbourne called Watsonia. The only real thing of note in Watsonia is the Simpson Army Barracks which began life as the Watsonia Military Camp in WWII. Apparently there’s lots of communications equipment at the Army Barracks which means that if Australia is ever invaded Watsonia would be […]