Sad Clowns make me live

I don’t know why I like the Sad Clowns so. Ever since Housemate #1 acquired the painting of the clowns sitting on clouds of bald ogre-type man-heads I have liked them.


Clowns are the poor occasion’s Santa. They come out for birthdays and country fairs – things which become less awesome as we grow old. So it seems appropriate that these clowns should appear so despondent. Which is just why I like them. They are my friends. No matter how miserable I feel they always look worse and I love them for it. And I thought the Sad Clowns should cheer other people up too. So I created the below motivational poster.


Good on you Sad Clown and little midget-Sad Clown. You make me live!

4 thoughts on “Sad Clowns make me live”

  1. Look, your motivational slogan is sort of stupidly awesome, but you should know, I am NOT COOL with your arbitrary housemate numbering AT ALL.

    Love from housemate number 2 (or number 1???!)

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