My crappy bullet point review of Tina Fey’s Bossypants

I’m fairly sure that whenever an author, musician or other creative-type sites someone as being a great influence, they’re legally obligated to make some kind of ‘official comment’ when said influence releases a new book, album or creative-type-thing. And having previously mentioned Tina Fey in my author bios as being one of my idols, I now feel compelled (legally and not-in-any-way-legally) to review her memoir Bossypants.

But being the underwhelming kind of person I’ve never quite managed to be, my review shall be a crappy, bullet point review. Which is even crappier than I intended as bullet points don’t work with my WordPress theme (blogger FAIL). So playing the role of bullet points today will be – asterisks! Please make them feel welcome.


* Tina Fey really can memoir-write, just as well as she can sitcom-write and movie-write.

* I’m not usually a laugh-out-loud-while-I’m-reading kind of guy but Bossypants had me audibly LOLing.

* Bossypants is a lot funnier than some of the later seasons of 30 Rock (think 30 Rock S01E10 to S02E15 and you’re close to what Bossypants is like).

* There’s barely a mention of Mean Girls (or Lindsay Lohan), which is just odd.

* Her insights on modeling and Photoshop are fantastic (“Isn’t it better to have a computer do it to your picture than to have a doctor do it to you face?”)

* As are her recollections of the Sarah Palin impersonations, which hilariously cut between the concurrently unfolding dramas of the Palin stuff, Oprah’s appearance on 30 Rock and the preparations for Fey’s young daughter’s Peter Pan-themed birthday party.

* Any more bullet points-asterisks and I’d be undercutting my own claim to be doing a crappy review, so I’m cutting myself off here. Suffice to say, it’s an ace read. Nine out of ten.

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