Writing with the kids of Maryborough

I headed out to the Victorian Goldfields last week, not to look for gold for I was 160 years too late for that, but to visit grades four, five and six students from Maryborough Education Centre. The kids from MEC hung out with me at the Maryborough Library and listened as I told sob stories about my childhood (my primary school crushes were never fulfilled) and explained how I turned my sob stories into a novel (turns out misery makes for good stories).

They were an enthusiastic bunch of kids who treated me very well and were keen to do some quick group writing too. Together we came up with a couple of short stories involving giant tacos, football and luuurve! You can check them out below. And to the kids, librarians and teachers of Maryborough Рthanks for having me! *waves from Melbourne*

4 thoughts on “Writing with the kids of Maryborough”

  1. I think that the kids of maryborough should jump on this idea of a carnivorous taco before it’s taken on board by someone like Andy Griffiths. Does it shout out nonsensical Spanish phrases as it eats people (or French phrases, seeing as it knows how to Parkour)?

  2. Dear Andrew, remember thr kids from Maryborough when they came to see you well I was there and my name is Jack i’m 11-years-old and i’m from the Maryborough Education Centre at M.E.C it was awesome when I saw you and I wish I like too see you again

    Sincerly, Jack

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