Announcing my new book: SON OF DEATH

I am so excited today that I might vomit. The reason for this excitement (and potential spew) is this announcement: I have a new book for young readers out in February.


The book is called Son Of Death and here’s the cover:

Son of Death

Son Of Death is the story of a fourteen-year-old called Sod who discovers that his family are grim reapers and that death is his destiny. However Sod is a reluctant reaper and would prefer to play in his high school rock band – The Ba-Donka Donks – than grim-reap strangers on the street.

It’s a black comedy and an action-adventure story with the odd spattering of blood here and there. Here’s the official blurb:

Forget everything you know about dark, hooded figures with scythes: these days grim reapers dress like everyone else, have families of their own and scythes that look a lot like mobile phones.

But still, grim-reaping is a chore for Sod. Every day after school he’s expected to guide souls into the afterlife. And it’s really going to get in the way of playing guitar with his band.

But when he starts neglecting his grim-reaping duties things go awry in the universe. It’s up to Sod, and his new goth friend, Graveyard Girl, to work out how to put things right again.

You can read more about Son Of Death here. I’ll be adding more material and reviews to that page as they come in. The book itself is out in Australia and New Zealand on February 1st 2015.

Until then, I’ve decided to repress the overexcited vomit and concentrate on hyperventilating instead. It seems like a more appropriate – and far less messy – physical reaction to have.

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