Animatronic Goat Skulls in Montreal

Yes, I have been a bad blogger of late – ignoring my blog, not answering emails, writing in a real-life diary instead, etc. I have been in New York and Canada having what we call a ‘holiday’, what the locals there call a ‘vacation’ and what the US government calls ‘a valuable input of tourist money into a flagging US economy’.

And here is the most amazing thing I found during my North American travels.

Yep, more goat skulls! After I spent a good portion of this year blogging about goat skulls, it was perfect that in an art gallery in Montréal, Canada I would find moving creatures with the heads of dead goats. I watched them for a lot longer than the above video goes on for. The combination of goat skull with crab claws is inspired.

The artist of these disturbing (good disturbing, not bad) exhibits is a local guy called Eric Braün (who does some pretty cool artwork and comics as well).

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