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BEDA #27: To Press

The Greatest Blogger in the World went to press yesterday. Nothing will stop it now. Fate, destiny, something else, yada yada, etc. And to really kick home the subtle ‘journey’ theme of this blog post, here’s the first notes I made about the book, late in 2007.

BEDA #8: Greatest Blogger sample chapters

Mmm. Today is a good day because I get to share these sample chapters from The Greatest Blogger in the World (out in July) with you. Think of the chapters as cheese, the pdf as the toothpick and me as the old woman giving out samples next to the deli.


While the world salivates over the new pics of the Where the Wild Things Are movie I thought I would share an illustration of one of the characters from my upcoming book The Greatest Blogger in the World. Let me introduce you to Barcode. This little guy (as drawn by the clever Gregory Baldwin) plays …

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