Sweet smelling business cards

A recent trip to the MYER (they spell it all in caps yeah?) store in the city turned out to be more productive than simply buying a perfumey birthday present for Sister #2.

Everytime I wanted to sample a bottle of pretty smells the MYER lady sprayed a piece of cardboard for me to sniff. And keep. In the end I had an abundance of cards that smelt like girls and bore the branding of perfume companies. Perfect for DIY Business Cards or even Calling Cards given their recent comeback. For example:



Plus who wouldn’t want a tagline like ‘Feminine. Fresh. Modern.’?

Not all of the perfume cards, however, were rectangles. But not to fear because there are uses for the crazier-shaped cards too:


But really, nothing is quite as satisfactory as handing your 50-or-so perfume cards back to the MYER lady and asking her, ‘Which one was the Mania Femme again?’.

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