Stories by the students of Fitzroy North Primary School

The next school I visited during my Book Week travels this week was North Fitzroy Primary School. The kids there were so enthusiastic about my visit that they got me to sign their arms in texta. Some wanted me to sign their foreheads but I turned them down for fear of getting an angry email from a parent. Nothing would be scarier than getting such an email that was marked as ‘urgent’ and had a subject line of You signing my child’s forehead!!!

But the students were fantastic and had some great story ideas. Here are the two stories the students came up with.


by Grade 3 and 4 students


by Grade 5 and 6 students

7 thoughts on “Stories by the students of Fitzroy North Primary School”

  1. Hey Andrew!! I’m missing your humour and really annoying quotes, so can you leave a comment on any of the posts on my blog… Please?

    -Snail dude (A.K.A Ben… Blog name: Red X)

    PS. I’m not the kid (Kalani) with the cool hat!

  2. It’s interesting to see that ‘being put in a home’ is an idea that still resonates. As a kid I lived in terror of my mother coming good on this threat.

  3. Kids are a goldmine of untapped genius that nobody seems because usually we’re too busy being grownups – love your & their stories and pictures – it made me laugh (especially the kissing alpaka with devil horns from Norway) and relapse into a long nostalgic reverie on my primary school years!

  4. Hi Andrew,
    I really love your book The Greatest Blogger In The World. I want to be a writer to someday. Anyway I have a question why did you like the idea of a kissing alpaca with devil horns compared to some of the other ideas?

    Please visit my blog sometime and post a comment!

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