Real Pigeons heading to Nickelodeon for a movie and TV series

OK, here’s some news that I am beyond excited to finally announce.

Caps lock – on.


Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood, co-creators of the Real Pigeons books

The Real Pigeons illustrator, Ben Wood, and I are so excited that our whacky, crime-fighting birds will soon be flying into the Nickelodeon studios.

The first book in the series, Real Pigeons Fight Crime, is published in Australia by Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing and by Random House Children’s Publishing in the USA and Canada.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, James Corden and Ben Winston of Fulwell 73 Productions (who make The Late Late Show with James Corden) are producing the adaptation. Yippee!

The Real Pigeons books celebrate humour, kindness and the value of friendship, so James and Ben are a perfect match for our pigeon heroes.

As co-creators of the books, Ben and I will be serving as consulting producers.

The media reports the deal

The news has been reported by a few different media outlets – including The Age and Sydney Morning Herald who ran an article with a great photo, taken by Simon Schulter, that features covered by pigeons outside the State Library of Victoria.

What people are saying about the adaptation

Here’s what Nickelodeon said about the adapation:

Real Pigeons Fight Crime is about a secret squad of crime-fighting pigeons, with high stakes and true hilarity making it a perfect fit for our audience. By fusing the humor and expertise of this the incredible team at Fulwell 73 Productions, we are ready to show kids what pigeons really do–fight crime, solve mysteries, take down bad guys, and keep neighborhoods safe.” – Ramsey Naito, Executive vice president, Nickelodeon Animation production and development

And a quote from Fulwell 73:

“We are so delighted to be working with our great friends at Nickelodeon on these wonderful, charming and funny books, and can’t wait to help bring them to life for kids everywhere.” – Ben Winston, Fulwell 73

Looking ahead

We don’t have a timeline or any more details at this time but will be sure to keep everyone updated as things progress.

I can’t wait to see the Real Pigeons take flight on screens everywhere.

It’s a total dream come coo!

To find out more about the Real Pigeons books visit

Top photo credit: Lakshal Perera

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