Pigeons in the Post and Meeting Toni

So the Pigeon Letters project has come to an end. I first blogged about partaking in the project back in June of this year and as of this week the project has come to a close. The project is over because the book Pigeons: Stories in the Post II has been launched and is now out. The book features the stories of each writing team (which consisted of an author and a student from Footscray City Primary School), as well as a couple of letters from the correspondence that went on between student and author.

You’ll soon be able to buy the book online and all the proceeds go back into Pigeons so they can keep doing these projects.

The greatest thrill of the whole project for me, came at the launch of the book earlier this week when all the authors and students, friends and family, gathered together at the Footscray Community Arts Centre and I was finally able to meet my co-author Toni. Check us out!

Don’t we look happy with ourselves! Having written our letters back and forth for half a year – and getting to know each other a bit – nothing beats the excitement, awkwardness and relief of meeting a pen pal in person. Toni also did a short reading from the story we wrote, which appears in the Pigeons book, and is called ‘Vaseketball’ (Psst – that’s a combination of Vases and Basketball). She even got a few laughs during her reading. Well done Toni!

There are some other great stories in the book including ‘The Adventures of Night Shadow’ by Tony Wilson and Skerry Palanga, ‘Forgery of Emotions’ by Martine Murray and Alice Noonan and ‘The Sword of Rodithal’ by Michael Pryor and Ari Boyd.

So well done Pigeons! A fantastic and incredibly worthwhile project indeed.

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