My Take a Skull to Work or School Day

So after finding an old goat skull in my backyard a few weeks ago and proclaiming August 10 to be National Take a Skull to Work or School Day today was the day!


I arrived at the office of my day job with a coffee in one hand and my trusty skull in the other. National Skull Day had begun.


I kept the skull with me all day long. It sat next to my computer for the most part. I don’t know whether this is OH&S compliant or hygienic. I would prefer not to know.


I even took the skull with me to work meetings. For some reason my co-worker Sean had trouble concentrating on work during the above meeting.


And at the end of the day I took my skull home with me on my bike. I didn’t raise awareness of anything, nor raise money for a good cause, but when National Take a Skull to Work or School Day becomes a popular milestone on calendars around the world I will be content knowing that I took part in the very first such day. And I did it alone. Or should I say, I did it together with my cool (although kind of gross) goat skull.

2 thoughts on “My Take a Skull to Work or School Day”

  1. Leaving the skull aside entirely, YOU WORE A VEST. A nerdy, nerdy vest. See your vest, see your vest. (I really like the vest!)

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