My Melbourne Writers’ Festival session

I had a lovely time during my Melbourne Writers’ Festival session yesterday. I chatted to chair Andrew Finnegan about blogging and what makes a blog good and/or bad.

I showed off the diverse subject nature of blogs with my lappy (projecting onto the big screen) with a knitting blog and a Monster Truck blog as well as blogs that are more serious in nature such as Random Acts of Reality – an anonymous blog written by an active paramedic in London. And of course I showed a completely irrelevant blog/website – Bad Paintings of Barack Obama.

The audience was an inquisitive one with lots of questions such as ‘how do you find blogs about your favourite topics?’ To which the answer was Technorati – the search engines for blogs. That question was easier to answer than ‘What were you like as a high school kid?’ which descended into me blabbering about unpopularity and not being good at Basketball. Ergh.


And just to prove I was there, here’s me at the session with the very cool audience that came to see me at the Festival Club – which looked more like a Jazz Club than a literary venue but was a nice and homely space to play in for 45 or so minutes.