Internet FAIL

I tried to do a Skype video link-up with Hawkesdale P12 – a little school in the south of Victoria, just inland from Port Fairy and Warrnambool – today but was thwarted by bad internet caused by bad weather at Hawksdale.

Some students from Hawksdale P12 attended my Melbourne Writers’ Festival session in August and have been in touch with me on this blog ever since. It was a shame not to be able to chat to them properly again today. It has left me with a dark and stormy feeling inside. I will now express my feeling of storminess with this very literal pictorial representation:


4 thoughts on “Internet FAIL”

  1. Yes the wweather wwas really bad today wasent it haha to bad we couldnt talk on skype i was in the room to haha

    Thanks Heaps for your cooment Andrew your blog is also preety cool i think it is funny how you took your goats to work haha!

    Hope to hear from you soon Camko

  2. Hi Andrew,

    We had 100 very disappointed students as well. We have ordered a class set of your book and hope to read it as a class next term. I started reading it last night and it has made me laugh and smile already. I love that you named the duck Barcode, and that is was the compromise between a cat and a dog. I’m also sure that I have sat down to a bowl of slushy corn flookes in my time, as well have being guilty of having dished it up to my children over the years. Hopefully we can set up another link up when our internet has recovered. I think, like the rest of us, it is tired and looking forward to the end of term. Cheers

  3. Hi Andrew,
    Gee, that sucks about the internet.
    Though Queensland was a warm a sunny day. I wish we got bad weather here, though. I like the cold.
    Anyways, probably said this about 50 times in my head, but thank you for choosing me as one of the winners of your contest. I’m typing from the Mac I got right now, actually. I absolutely love it.

  4. Thanks everyone. The weather was bad but I appreciate you all taking the time to *try* to chat to me 🙂

    And Tiana, you are more than welcome! It’s cool that you’re commenting on my blog with the very macbook that you won through the Greatest Blogger competition. I have been meaning to blog your winning entry too. You’ll be a star!


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