Blogging at Inside A Dog throughout April

Hi all. Just a quick post to let you know that for the month of April I am the Resident Blogger over at

For those not in the know, Inside A Dog is a website for young people that is all about books and reading. It is run by the Centre for Youth Literature – out of the State Library of Victoria – which is the most prominent organisation in Australia to focus soley on young adult books, reading and writing with lots of cool programs and YA events every year.

Inside A Dog features a new resident author blogging every month. Some of the more recent authors to have done the residency include Garth Nix, Lia Hills and Richard Harland. And now me. I’ll be back on my ‘home blog’ in May, but for now follow me at Inside A Dog or subscribe to their RSS feed. Oh and I’ll be blogging a lot more than usual over there too. They made me sign a contract wherein I promised not to be a ‘lazy-good-for-nothing-blogger’.

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