Five reasons funny books for kids are awesome

This week I had the pleasure of speaking at a special teachers’ night at Readings Hawthorn. The event was the first of a new initiative being run by the excellent folk at Readings. It was great to be involved and equally great that so many school teachers come out for the night. I spoke alongside … Continued

The launch of Son of Death

Last Thursday my new book Son of Death was officially launched at Readings bookshop in Carlton. There were blood-spattered cupcakes, skeleton outfits and lots of signed books. What follows is a photo essay of sorts, detailing the book launch and featuring some of my favourite snaps from the night. To begin with here is Leanne … Continued

Why I wrote a book about death for kids

This is an article I wrote for the Readings blog last week. They’ve kindly allowed me to cross-post it here. Thanks Readings! A friend asked me recently why I’d written a novel about death for children. They asked with eyebrows raised, as if to suggest that the topic of death was surely not an appropriate … Continued

Read the first chapter of Son of Death

As of today my new children’s novel Son of Death is out in the world, ready and waiting for the eyeballs of future readers. Happy publication day to me! In celebration I’m pleased to present the very first chapter of the book for you to read – right now, right here, totally free. All you have to do is keep … Continued

Announcing my new book: SON OF DEATH

I am so excited today that I might vomit. The reason for this excitement (and potential spew) is this announcement: I have a new book for young readers out in February. Woohoo! The book is called Son Of Death and here’s the cover: Son Of Death is the story of a fourteen-year-old called Sod who discovers that his … Continued