Beef Rabbit

I recently discovered a poster on a friend’s fridge that outlined Cuts of Beef and their common uses. It was an interesting chart that taught me which parts of the cow are which in relation to a mixed grill.


It’s a nice poster with some nice typography and, unlike the real-life versions in an abbatoir, not displeasing to the eye. However it was when I viewed the poster on the side that I started to think not about beef but about rabbits.


I hope you too can can see the rabbit inherent in the illustrated beef. And so the poster of beef cuts failed to do its job because all I could think of afterward was rabbits.


And just as I’d thought, if you place the Beef Rabbit alongside other rabbits it becomes indistinguishable from those other rabbits. This has raised a lot of questions for me. Was the Cuts of Beef poster trying to be subliminal about something? Are rabbits cows? Are cows rabbits? Rabbits are, when you think about, steak-sized. Mmm. Food for thought.

4 thoughts on “Beef Rabbit”

  1. Yeah, Dumb Bunnies go the Abattoir is the obvious concept, though it may be a little sinister for the Dumb Bunnies series.

  2. I’m going to go with something a little darker. The third rabbit appears to have an exoskeleton, suggesting some sort of cyborg or zombie bunny, or alternately, if its skeleton is being viewed via the powers of x-ray vision, then I suggest there is a superhero in a lumberjack jacket and weird furry flappy hat somewhere in the region.

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