BEDA #6: Shoes in the Sky

When I was out riding my bike yesterday I came across this sight:


Not that I believe the old myth that says a pair of shoes flung over powerlines indicates the residence of drug dealers but there sure are a lot of shoes up there. Should someone call the Feds?

3 thoughts on “BEDA #6: Shoes in the Sky”

  1. I reckon it does mean dealers, actually. I live on Victoria Street and it certainly seems to mark out particular locations there. I don’t supposed the image above is from around Richmond / Cremorne, where a dude was busted the other week in car containing some obscene quantity of drugs and ‘associated items’? Because it sounded like that load of drugs would’ve needed quite a lot of shoes to signify.

  2. No this photo isn’t from that area of town. But I can say that there is little doubt that Andrew McDonald the Shoemaker would be distressed by this scene.

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