BEDA #16: Yellow Bull Clips

Firstly, I have fallen a day behind in the Blog-Every-Day-of-April-Or-You-Shan’t-Have-Achieved-Anything-This-April quest. But I shall work my way back, by blogging twice in one day.

And secondly, I visited the lovely and polite people at Hardie Grant Egmont yesterday. Among other things, they gave me the final pages of Greatest Blogger to proofread. When I got home I discovered that once again (it has happened before as well) the proof was held together by a YELLOW bull clip.


Being the nerd (and office-supply enthusiast) I am, I was overwhelmed by the considerate nature of the editors at Hardie Grant. And I have updated the description of Hardie Grant Egmont in the spiel about my book to include ‘considerate’. Cos I’m just feeling that way.

5 thoughts on “BEDA #16: Yellow Bull Clips”

  1. Hmmm, according to your spiel they’re still just lovely and polite.

    The next time I see one of them I’ll be like, ‘oh you’re that lovely person from Hardie Grant, and you’re polite too. But I’m not sure if you’re considerate.’ And then I’ll glare at them darkly whilst trying to establish if they’re considerate or not.

    ‘Tis a muddy and pedantic world we live in, #3.

  2. Yes, it took me a few minutes to update their considerateness but it’s done now. And now you must treat them with much more respect than you treat me with. OK, Housemate #2?

  3. Prime Minister

    Do you know why it’s yellow? Because it matches the cover. I don’t put ‘anally retentive’ as a skill on my CV for nothing.

  4. Saying it ‘matches’ the cover might be a bit strong. Complements, perhaps?

    I don’t put ‘pedant’ as a skill on my CV for nothing…

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