BEDA #16: Yellow Bull Clips

Firstly, I have fallen a day behind in the Blog-Every-Day-of-April-Or-You-Shan’t-Have-Achieved-Anything-This-April quest. But I shall work my way back, by blogging twice in one day.

And secondly, I visited the lovely and polite people at Hardie Grant Egmont yesterday. Among other things, they gave me the final pages of Greatest Blogger to proofread. When I got home I discovered that once again (it has happened before as well) the proof was held together by a YELLOW bull clip.


Being the nerd (and office-supply enthusiast) I am, I was overwhelmed by the considerate nature of the editors at Hardie Grant. And I have updated the description of Hardie Grant Egmont in the spiel about my book to include ‘considerate’. Cos I’m just feeling that way.