a blog post tribute to the telegram

it is fascinating to think back to the days when there was no internet and a lot of communication took place via telegrams STOP and so I have decided to write this blog post in the style of a telegram from yesteryear COLON without punctuation STOP you may have already noticed just how hard it is to read a piece of writing COMMA or anything for that matter COMMA when there is no punctuation STOP it is kind of like listening to a person talking in a monosyllabic style EN DASH is anyone else reading this in a stephen hawking voice or is it just me QUESTION MARK anyways I wonder what the old timey people would have thought of a word like anyways being in a telegram ELLIPSIS FOR DRAMATIC EFFECT they probably would have thought it was just a typo or as they would have called it a QUOTE MARKS typographical error END QUOTE MARKS AND STOP yes COMMA indeed COMMA telegrams sure would have made peoples APOSTROPHE NO WAIT DOESNT THE APOSTROPHE GO AT THE END IF THE WORD AFTER IT IS POSSESSED BY SOMETHING PLURAL LIKE PEOPLE NO WAIT SORRY I GOT IT WRONG THE APOSTROPHE GOES AFTER THE S OF PEOPLES AND BEFORE WE GET TO LIVES SORRY CARRY ON AS YOU WERE lives easier but they would have been painful to read all the time STOP wow EXCLAMATION MARK is anyone still reading this after all that QUESTION MARK personally I think I’m done with this telegram style of punctuation STOP I am not really a fan of reading text without paragraphs HASHTAG firstworldproblems STOP over and out STOP andrew KISS AND HUG