Cubby House Men

When I look out the kitchen window at the moment there are men next door building some kind of house that looks more like a giant outside toilet.


It’s such a small place to construct any kind of  building. Perhaps the men are just building their own personal cubby house. That would be pretty cool. If they are building a cubby house I will be able to wave at them from my kitchen when they’re finished building. And maybe they’ll invite me over for lemonade and chocolate in their giant-loo-sized cubby house. Orsome.


  1. that’s mad. there is a similarly very small construction site near our house, but it starts on the first floor. it must be the new thing to do.

  2. Giraffe enclosure?
    The BFG is coming to visit?
    Stiltwalking practise?

  3. A watch tower?

    maybe then they’ll dress up like orcs or elves with bows…

    I’d watch out if i were you…

  4. THIS IS NOT NEAR OUR HOUSE. I found your post quite misleading, and was disappointed to see the fence, as usual, when I looked out the kitchen window.

    Please be more with the clarifying etc. Okay, thanks.

  5. You will need:
    A flying fox.
    Alert water-balloons.
    An open window.
    A well-placed crash-cushion.
    Anti-gravity electric motor on flying fox for getting back home.
    Hay for the giraffe.

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