Son of Death

Forget everything you know about dark, hooded figures with scythes: these days grim reapers dress like everyone else, have families of their own and scythes that look a lot like mobile phones.

But still, grim-reaping is a chore for Sod. Every day after school he's expected to guide souls into the afterlife. And it's really going to get in the way of playing guitar with his band. But when he starts neglecting his grim-reaping duties things go awry in the universe. It's up to Sod, and his new goth friend, Graveyard Girl, to work out how to put things right again.

“'hugely entertaining' and a 'funny, tender and inventive story'”

“A full-steam-ahead story, it combines rock n’ roll with ghoulish shenanigans, a hefty dose of gross-out gore...and some real tragedy with an ending you simply will not have seen coming.”

“Highly recommended for 10-13-year-olds who like zombies, laughs and a mystery to solve.”

Emily Gale, Children's Book Specialist, Readings

“A dark and comic mystery: a plot full of intrigue, and a killer ending.”

Leanne Hall, author of This Is Shyness and Queen of the Night

The Greatest Blogger in the World

Char­lie Ridge has one small goal in life — to be the Great­est Blog­ger in the World.

The inter­net has been in a frenzy since a com­pe­ti­tion began to win the web­site address, and Char­lie is mak­ing sure he’s the num­ber one contender.

“This is a great book for confident primary-school aged readers, covering the kinds of topics that are very much part of their world”

“Andrew McDonald's first book is a ripper: the characters feel freshly drawn, the multiple story lines hold your attention with laughs and more serious themes in equal measure. His use of the internet as a valuable plot device works brilliantly.”

Frances Atkinson, The Sunday Age, June 2009