ebrooks: Streaming the Future

As technology changes and evolves there are fewer things on earth that have yet to be touched by the far-reaching tentacles of the Digital Age. In fact, the Digital Age has grown to be so dominant with its infinite number of tentacles that it now wails on octopi and other creatures limited to a finite … Continued

Stories by the students of Karoo Primary School

I was pretty tired after Book Week last and so apologies to the grade five and six students of Karoo Primary School for not getting their stories up sooner. Karoo Primary out in Rowville was my last Book Week stop and, as had been the case at all the schools I visited, the stories that … Continued

Stories by the students of Fitzroy North Primary School

The next school I visited during my Book Week travels this week was North Fitzroy Primary School. The kids there were so enthusiastic about my visit that they got me to sign their arms in texta. Some wanted me to sign their foreheads but I turned them down for fear of getting an angry email … Continued

The Adventures of Hypo-Cat by the Year 6s of Aitken College

I was out at the very nice Aitken College in Greenvale yesterday for another Book Week session. And you know you’re out of the city when there’s a windmill on campus. Almost-in-the-country air FTW! I did a session with the Year 6 students at Aitken College and out of the discussion about workshopping ideas and … Continued

The stories of St Francis of Assisi Primary School

Yesterday I spent the first day of Book Week at St Francis of Assisi Primary School in Mill Park, Victoria. The grade six students that I did sessions with there were keen book readers and keen writers too. I’ve been finishing up my school sessions with little lessons in story writing and by the end … Continued