Getting to know Ophiuchus

Firstly, an apology: I’m a bit of a space geek. OK, that apology didn’t really sound like I meant. Which I guess I don’t. But it’s a fact, a disclaimer perhaps, which I thought I should begin this post with. And my space geekiness doesn’t usually extend to astrology, but I couldn’t resist reading all … Continued

Merry/Unmerry Christmas!

The year is almost over but before I log out for 2010, here’s a few thoughts I wanted to share with you this ‘holiday season’. 1. Merry Christmas 2. Unmerry Christmas (for the humbuggers out there) 3. Happy New Year 4. Whatever New Year (for the unsuperstitious out there) 5. Please enjoy this clip taken … Continued

Pigeons in the Post and Meeting Toni

So the Pigeon Letters project has come to an end. I first blogged about partaking in the project back in June of this year and as of this week the project has come to a close. The project is over because the book Pigeons: Stories in the Post II has been launched and is now … Continued

Going Old School with Mrs Tullo

I had the slightly surreal, but completely wonderful experience recently of doing a school visit to the school of my old prep and grade one teacher – Mrs Tullo. Mrs Tullo was my first ever primary school teacher back in what I now call The Day. Back then Mrs Tullo ruled the classrooms of Watsonia … Continued

Day of the Pigeons

Pigeons is the organisation behind the Pigeon Letters program I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with this year. I blogged about the program earlier this year, but in short it involves an author (some of which this year include Tony Wilson, Sally Rippin, Kirsty Murray and myself) writing letters back and forth with a … Continued