My crappy bullet point review of Tina Fey’s Bossypants

I’m fairly sure that whenever an author, musician or other creative-type sites someone as being a great influence, they’re legally obligated to make some kind of ‘official comment’ when said influence releases a new book, album or creative-type-thing. And having previously mentioned Tina Fey in my author bios as being one of my idols, I … Continued

How To Get Women Interested In Books Again?

Sad times, guys. Sad times. It turns out that the book world – an industry I had always presumed to be dominated by women writers, women readers and women workers – has fallen victim to gender prejudices and sexism. Women hardly ever seem to be shortlisted for book awards anymore, they rarely write book reviews … Continued

Thoughts on being a Cleo Bachelor of the Year

I was holidaying in South America a couple of weeks ago when the internet announced my inclusion among the fifty Cleo Bachelor of the Year finalists. Twitter and Facebook starting fluttering about all the 2011 bachelors immediately and some of posters were even kind enough to flutter about me. At the exact same time I … Continued

Why Can’t We All Just Be Friends (on Facebook)?

So today is Safer Internet Day. And no, that doesn’t mean you should pull out your ergonomic mouse pad and read eBay seller feedback before bidding. Safer Internet Day is all about educating kids and teenagers about social networking websites. The tag line of the campaign is ‘It’s more than a game, it’s your life’, … Continued

Brain Food Alternatives for a Bananaless Future

When it was exam time at high school, my mother would always shove a banana in my mouth as I walked out the door. ‘It’s brain food,’ she’d yell after me. ‘Good luck with your exam.’ This was always horrifying for two reasons. Firstly, how could I possibly do well on my exams when I’d … Continued