A Very Writerly Update

August and September are always busy months in the writerly world of Melbourne. There are writers festivals, Book Week celebrations and much schmoozing to attend to. As well as occasional bouts of (shock, horror, etc) writing. To recap, here’s exactly what’s been going on in my writerly world lately: I reviewed two of the novels … Continued

Texting in the City

Most people are pretty happy to finish up with high school. No more exams, assignments or using school toilets (which are a public toilet’s poor man’s toilet). Of course, there are some things to be missed. Like the daily, after-school consumption of chicken-salted chips. My body still hasn’t adjusted to the lack of chicken salt … Continued

Oh yeah. I forgot I had a blog.

Having a blog is hard. You have to, like, remember to blog and stuff. How awful it that! The only thing more awful is when bloggers don’t post for ages and then come back and blog about how they haven’t been blogging. And while it can be a bit lamo, this kind of post is … Continued

Book Week edition of The Big Issue

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that the books pages of the current issue of The Big Issue – the independent Australian magazine sold by friendly vendors all over the place (and hopefully near you) – are guest edited by yours truly. Coinciding with Book Week this week, there is a … Continued