I was raised in an outer suburb of Melbourne called Watsonia. The only real thing of note in Watsonia is the Simpson Army Barracks which began life as the Watsonia Military Camp in WWII. Apparently there’s lots of communications equipment at the Army Barracks which means that if Australia is ever invaded Watsonia would be … Continued

Author Pics: A Discussion

The good ol’ author pic is the ire of almost all authors. Often found on the back sleeve of a book, it’s easy to see why the common author treats their back-of-the-book pic with general disdain. There’s a reason movie directors don’t flash their portaits onto the big screen at the end of their movies. … Continued

Sad Clowns make me live

I don’t know why I like the Sad Clowns so. Ever since Housemate #1 acquired the painting of the clowns sitting on clouds of bald ogre-type man-heads I have liked them. Clowns are the poor occasion’s Santa. They come out for birthdays and country fairs – things which become less awesome as we grow old. … Continued

25 Random Things. Literally.

I have, up until this point, found no reason to partake in the latest online craze – Facebook’s 25 Random Things About You. It’s simply an online chain letter that involves sharing 25 ‘random’ facts about yourself with the Facebook community, which has made me wonder not about the hundreds of facts I’ve been reading … Continued

Filing Coffee Table

The office that I work in has been lacking a good coffee table for some time now. But this week a co-worker and I found an unused filing cabinet and turned its drawers into a beautiful, industrial-type coffee table. I am deeply in love with our new Filing Coffee Table. But I am being realistic … Continued