BEDA #4: Freaks and Geeks and me

I think the time has come for me to gush about Freaks and Geeks. Freaks and Geeks was a TV show made for NBC in 1999-2000 about the ‘freaks’ and ‘geeks’ at an American high school in 1980. The show was produced by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow (Knocked Up, Superbad and The 40 Year-Old … Continued

BEDA #3: My Skillz Part One

When I went to see an unorganised Janeane Garofalo at the Melbourne Comedy Festival tonight – and sat in a crowded room full of people – I realised one of my greatest skills in life is folding my legs away to let people walk to/from their seat. It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting in the … Continued

BEDA #2: The 5 Avenues of Online Conversations

As the title of my upcoming book is The Greatest Blogger in the World I have started to be asked questions like, ‘Do you think you’re the greatest blogger in the world?’ and ‘What’s it like having a blog and talking online?’ Firstly, I am not, will never be, don’t want to be, can’t think … Continued

Blog Every Day April

So it turns out that April is Blog Every Day April. It’s a fun lil bandwagon that I have decided to jump onto. New York YA writer Maureen Johnson is heading up the BEDA (I love a good acronym) action and bloggers around the world are taking up the challenge, because, really, who can resist … Continued


While the world salivates over the new pics of the Where the Wild Things Are movie I thought I would share an illustration of one of the characters from my upcoming book The Greatest Blogger in the World. Let me introduce you to Barcode. This little guy (as drawn by the clever Gregory Baldwin) plays … Continued