BEDA #9: My pile of books

When I tell people that I have a pile of books at home that I’m reading/about to read, I really mean a pile. Not a stack, or a tower. A pile. Spread out. Chaotic. Piled. See.

BEDA #8: Greatest Blogger sample chapters

Mmm. Today is a good day because I get to share these sample chapters from The Greatest Blogger in the World (out in July) with you. Think of the chapters as cheese, the pdf as the toothpick and me as the old woman giving out samples next to the deli.

BEDA #7: Andrew McDonald the Shoemaker

One week into BEDA and I’m finding blogging every day to be easier than I thought it would be. It certainly helps when I’m sent articles like this one about my namesake Andrew McDonald the Shoemaker from Sydney. That’s a photo of Andrew above, taken from the interview in today’s small business section of the … Continued

BEDA #6: Shoes in the Sky

When I was out riding my bike yesterday I came across this sight: Not that I believe the old myth that says a pair of shoes flung over powerlines indicates the residence of drug dealers but there sure are a lot of shoes up there. Should someone call the Feds?

BEDA #5: Underwear Shopping

I’m fairly sure I’m not in denial about underwear shopping. I walk casually past the K-Mart and stall when I see the 25% Off Underwear sign. I stop and rub my chin so as to give the impression that this is the first I have known of this sale. I check the time on my … Continued