BEDA #14: A Private Letter to White Chocolate

Dear White Chocolate, I would like to thank you for a wonderful Easter 2009. It was pleasure to receive you. Despite many people saying to me ‘White chocolate is not real chocolate’ I am never more thrilled than when I put your pasty, pale self in my mouth. I know there are some disbelievers out … Continued

BEDA #13: Storytime

Head too hurty to blog proper today. Instead, I give thee, ‘Shamomma’ reading the kids’ classic, The Monster at the End of This Book. Ten cheers for grandmas reading us stories on YouTube.

BEDA #12: Andrew McDonald the Musician

I have come across another interview with someone called Andrew McDonald who is not me. This time the namesake in question is Australian acoustic muso Andrew McDonald. That’s him below. The interview appeared in the November issue of a Singaporean gaming magazine called Playworks last year. Much like the last time this happened I have … Continued

BEDA #11: Foolscap (Godfather of Pages)

I have been at home making notes on my foolscap writing pad this evening. And I have spent much of the night lamenting the fact that foolscap is no longer the paper size of choice. Poor foolscap. And so I have written a short pop number about foolscap. Though I think it’s just the choruses. … Continued

BEDA #10: Blog from the Vault

Who scheduled the long weekend during Blog Every Day April? Blerg. Anyway, today I’m offering up a piece of my personal diary from Good Friday 16 years ago. I was ten years old. Colsore!