BEDA #20: From The Diary Vault – April 20 1993

It’s a little tricky to read but April 20 says: Today Jenny Stoot (real name Stott) took herself, Andrew Stoot, Alisa Stoot, Deanne and I to the movies to see Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey. What’s Homeward Bound, you ask? Well, allow me to embed:

BEDA #18 & 19: Frying Oil

So despite thinking that blogging every day of April would be a fun and easy thing to do, turn’s out, it is not. I didn’t blog yesterday and I don’t have two posts in my head today to make up for it. But that’s not to say I’ve got nothing left to say. And I … Continued

BEDA #17: Record Store Day – Please visit the Indies, not the Chains

Record Store Day is a good thing. It gets lotsa people into little record shops when lotsa people swing in and out of JB Hi-Fi too often these days. So it is with bemusement that I see featuring in-store apperances at JB Hi-Fis, Virgin Megastores, Sanitys and HMV. Surely this is not the point … Continued

BEDA #16: Yellow Bull Clips

Firstly, I have fallen a day behind in the Blog-Every-Day-of-April-Or-You-Shan’t-Have-Achieved-Anything-This-April quest. But I shall work my way back, by blogging twice in one day. And secondly, I visited the lovely and polite people at Hardie Grant Egmont yesterday. Among other things, they gave me the final pages of Greatest Blogger to proofread. When I got … Continued

BEDA #15: Ten Ways to Explain the GFC to Young Children

Tell them everyone is saying KFC not GFC. It’s all about some chicken shops going out of business. Give them a game of monopoly, let them play for an hour, then take all the cash away and ask them how it feels to live in Iceland. Tell them a ‘stimulus package’ is exactly what the … Continued