BEDA #25 & 26: The Womb Jacket

So I officially suck at BEDA (Blog Every Day April). Blogging every day is hard work especially when the world offers distractions like french toast, Fleetwood Mac and Hannah Montana. Plus the Melbourne weather decided to cut to the chase this weekend and sent us headlong into Winter. Which meant it was time to get … Continued

BEDA #24: EWF with Anthony Eaton

Now that the Emerging Writers’ Festival program for 2009 has been announced I can let y’all know that I’ll be partaking in a EWF session with YA author Anthony Eaton: Into White Silence – Young adult fiction Sunday 31st May 11am to 12pm Written after a residency in Antarctica, Anthony Eaton’s book combines historical events … Continued

BEDA #22: What we lose in a pile of hard rubbish

It’s hard rubbish collection time in our street. Here’s the crapola we managed to throw away. But all is not always as it seems on hard rubbish piles. For example, there were a few items on our pile that were hidden from my camera lens. I can’t help but get emotional around hard rubbish collection … Continued

BEDA #21: ‘Brainstorming’

It has started again. This week I have kicked into gear making notes, drawing up plans and ‘brainstorming’ ideas for book number next. I put ‘brainstorming’ into quote marks because whenever I try to ‘brainstorm’ all I can think about is a flurry of brains raining down from the sky and how it’s really not … Continued