Time to play in Sydney

Tomorrow morning I leave for four days in Sydney which, at the moment, can only be described as ‘the future’. To be less withholding, I am heading up for the Sydney Writers’ Festival. It should be a good weekend. In particular I’m looking forward to the Don’t Tell the Teenagers: Young Adult Fiction That’s “Too … Continued

It’s Real

It’s a pretty weird feeling receiving your own book in the mail.

Op Shop Booking

A recent weekend spent down at Point Lonsdale and Queenscliff yielded four new, second-hand books purchased from Barwon Booksellers – a tidy, slightly expensy second-hand bookshop found within what used to be a small church. Quaint, indeed. I now look forward to reading for the first time ever The Chocolate War and Harriet the Spy. … Continued

Writing on Hay Bales

Firstly I should mention that, yes, I do suck for not seeing out Blog Every Day April (BEDA). I blogged right up until April 28 and then I could blog no more. Like a marathon runner who gets to the finish line ribbon, looks at it for a while and then sits down for a … Continued

BEDA #27: To Press

The Greatest Blogger in the World went to press yesterday. Nothing will stop it now. Fate, destiny, something else, yada yada, etc. And to really kick home the subtle ‘journey’ theme of this blog post, here’s the first notes I made about the book, late in 2007.