The Anatomy of the Common Beard (Revised Edition)

After the comments and feedback left on my previous post about the bits and pieces that make up one’s beard, I now present the revised edition of The Anatomy of the Common Beard. And here’s the KEY: PHILTRUMLINGS: The hair of the philtrum. SIDEBURNLINGS: The hair of the sideburn. CHEEKFUZZLINGS: The fuzzy hair of the … Continued

The Anatomy of the Common Beard

Winter is certainly a time when beards are at their most sported. Every second or third man seems to wear a beard at some point of winter. After a discussion on Twitter today about the various parts of the beard, mostly with a chap called Phill, a new set of beard terms have been reached … Continued

Beef Rabbit

I recently discovered a poster on a friend’s fridge that outlined Cuts of Beef and their common uses. It was an interesting chart that taught me which parts of the cow are which in relation to a mixed grill. It’s a nice poster with some nice typography and, unlike the real-life versions in an abbatoir, … Continued

Brunswick made me look

Birds! Corner of Barkly and McDougall Streets, Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia.

Sydney debrief

Sydney is a fun city for a weekend. Beyond that I can make no informed comment about the place. Here are the funnest of the funs from the weekend in the ‘arbour city with my traveling partner Sean #3 (I knew two Seans before him). I. Gatz What an amazing piece of theatre/experience-that-wasn’t-really-like-theatre-at-all. You’ve never … Continued