Barney the Guitar-Playing Crocodile

Today I spent a lovely morning down at Alphington Primary School in Melbourne’s inner-north talking to the Grade Threes and Fours about my book, blogging and writing in general. They were a fun bunch and at the end of the morning we all wrote a little story together. One student – Tom – did a … Continued

The Greatest Competition in the World

If you haven’t seen it over at there is currently a Greatest Blogger in the World competition going to write a small blog post and go into the running to win one of two Apple MacBooks. Pretty cool, huh? To enter all you have to do is write a blog post that contains these … Continued

The Greatest Blogger book launch

The Greatest Blogger in the World was officially launched last week at Readings Carlton in Melbourne by author/broadcaster Tony Wilson. It was a lovely evening. Tony said nice things about the book, lots of people came to listen to him, most importantly, I got to wear a suit jacket. And it wasn’t even a wedding. … Continued

Cubby House Men

When I look out the kitchen window at the moment there are men next door building some kind of house that looks more like a giant outside toilet. It’s such a small place to construct any kind of  building. Perhaps the men are just building their own personal cubby house. That would be pretty cool. … Continued

The Greatest Alternatives

I have a friend called Ken. He thought that he could make improvements to my book. Thanks a lot, Ken. Here are his ‘improvements’ with apologies to the fantastic cover illustrator Gregory Baldwyn. So what do you think? Personally I’m just glad he didn’t think of The Greatest Bogger in the World because I would … Continued