My Take a Skull to Work or School Day

So after finding an old goat skull in my backyard a few weeks ago and proclaiming August 10 to be National Take a Skull to Work or School Day today was the day! I arrived at the office of my day job with a coffee in one hand and my trusty skull in the other. … Continued

How to write a good, fake email

This week a man called Godwin Grech admitted to writing a fake email that attempted to make Prime Minister Kevin Rudd look like he was giving his mates special treatment. Obviously Godwin Grech (that’s him above, after the wind changed) is not very good at writing fake emails. So today I present my guide to … Continued

Quimby The Mouse

Chris Ware is one of my favourite artists/writers. This short animated video, based on Chris Ware’s book Quimby the Mouse was put together by Ware, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird and animator John Kuramoto. It’s an absoulte gem. Enjoy! Quimby The Mouse from This American Life on Vimeo.

National Take a Skull to Work or School Day

During the week my housemates and I found an old skull hanging on the fence in our backyard. We had never seen it before in our lives. Well, OK, one of us had. The rest of us just hadn’t looked very hard before. Rather than be spooked by the skull on the fence I have … Continued

Drawing Tintin

I am a Tintin freak. It is true. And so I wanted to share one of the coolest little Tintin videos I have seen. This short video clip is taken from a Swiss documentary made in 1960 about Tintin and his creator Hergé (though I’ve never heard of this particular doco before; however the 2003 … Continued