Reading The Greatest Blogger in the World

This is my attempt at doing a video reading of my book (and two others). Make sure you hang out to see the final book I read from. It’s one of my favourite childhood books. Oh and subscribe to my YouTube channel while you’re at it!

Internet FAIL

I tried to do a Skype video link-up with Hawkesdale P12 – a little school in the south of Victoria, just inland from Port Fairy and Warrnambool – today but was thwarted by bad internet caused by bad weather at Hawksdale. Some students from Hawksdale P12 attended my Melbourne Writers’ Festival session in August and … Continued

Charlie and Boots! I’m suing.

I don’t want to get on my high horse – for horses are hard enough to ride without being metaphorical as well – but there’s a new Australian film out called Charlie and Boots that stars Shane Jacobson and Paul Hogan and I was never even consulted! For those who don’t know, two of the … Continued

My Melbourne Writers’ Festival session

I had a lovely time during my Melbourne Writers’ Festival session yesterday. I chatted to chair Andrew Finnegan about blogging and what makes a blog good and/or bad. I showed off the diverse subject nature of blogs with my lappy (projecting onto the big screen) with a knitting blog and a Monster Truck blog as … Continued

MWF and Andrew McDonalds

I have my first festival apperance coming up this week and it is très exciting. The Melbourne Writers Festival, no less! I’ll be in conversation with Andrew Finegan about Nerds, Blogging and the Art of Cool. However, I am probably only qualified to talk about one and a half of those things. I think I … Continued