Reflections on being the Goat Skull Guy (and pigeonholing in general)

Over the past few months I have been addressed as ‘Andrew’, ‘Sir’ and ‘Oh no, that guy is coming over to talk to us – fake smiles everyone – oh hello Andrew.’ I am content with all of these monikers. What I am less thrilled about is being known as the ‘Goat Skull Guy’. Ever … Continued

Varsity College hold their own Greatest Blogger competition

I recently got an email from a teacher at Varsity College on the Gold Coast who had been reading The Greatest Blogger in the World with her Grade 5 class. Apparently they liked the book so much they decided to run their own in-class Greatest Blogger competition. They used the specs from the official competition … Continued

Animatronic Goat Skulls in Montreal

Yes, I have been a bad blogger of late – ignoring my blog, not answering emails, writing in a real-life diary instead, etc. I have been in New York and Canada having what we call a ‘holiday’, what the locals there call a ‘vacation’ and what the US government calls ‘a valuable input of tourist money … Continued

An open letter to ‘youth blogger’ Kevin Rudd

Dear Prime Minister, I am writing to thank you for starting up your very own ‘youth’ blog. As someone who has just written a book all about blogging it pleases me greatly to think of the Australian Prime Minister staring at a computer screen and screaming, ‘Why won’t this image upload? I keep pressing ‘Upload’ … Continued

DIY Books at the Story Festival

I did an event at Gasworks Arts Park in Albert Park today as part of the Story Festival and DIY was the theme of the day. We were in the Garden Studio at the back of the festival where I talked about Greatest Blogger and blogging and writing stories. With the help of the delightful … Continued