How To Kiss

These days if we want answers to questions we turn to the internet. You can find the answer to almost any question online. But what is the most asked ‘how?’ question asked online? What set of instructions do we as a race of people look to Google for the most? Allow me to spell it … Continued

Melbourne’s new Wheeler Centre – a History and a Plug

It’s an exciting time to be living in Melbourne, Australia, The World. Last year Melbourne was announced as the second UNESCO City of Literature, closely beating out Madrid, Tokyo and Chicago for the honour. This meant that Melbourne needed to find an entity to be the centrepiece of the new City of Literature. After scouting … Continued

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover Quotes

A quote on the cover of a book can do wonders for book sales. The right words will sell the right book to the right person. Putting review quotes on book covers can, however, be troublesome. Bob Harris wrote about some of the pitfalls of writing book review copy a couple of years ago in … Continued

The Caped Christmasader

Christmas means different things to different people. For some it means celebrating love and peace. For others it means food and wine. But for me, Christmas means Batman. From Batman #285: The Mystery of Christmas Lost. Every year as Christmas gets closer I start seeing the Dark Knight everywhere; as if I’m wearing contact lenses … Continued

A Pictorial Guide to avoiding Camera Loss

Have you lost your camera recently? Mislaid it somewhere in a national park? Left it in a taxi? Dropped it in the gorilla pit? Anyone can be a victim of the thoughtlessness and/or sleepiness that can lead to Camera Loss. ‘How can I prevent Camera Loss?’ I hear you ask, wishing I’d get to the … Continued