The Blogging, the Book Launch and the Cool Stuff Happening Soon

I hate doing ‘update’ blogs and yet sometimes they are a necessary part of every blogger’s blog feed. I will attempt to demundane the experience by using headings. Let’s see how I go at the whole demundaneification. (Ooh, I should go patent that word). THE BLOGGING It’s a while since I’ve been on this blog. … Continued

Blogging at Inside A Dog throughout April

Hi all. Just a quick post to let you know that for the month of April I am the Resident Blogger over at For those not in the know, Inside A Dog is a website for young people that is all about books and reading. It is run by the Centre for Youth Literature … Continued

On Flying: Why Getting High Wouldn’t Be So Dope After All

Beginning of discussion. It is only natural for humans to want to fly. The human desire to move beyond the laws of gravity and take to the skies is the business of all pilots, astronauts and motivational speakers who talk in metaphors. And there are many more of us who would like to make it … Continued

Deleted Scene from The Greatest Blogger in the World

Deleted Scenes. They’re bonus material used to pad out the special features of a DVD. We’re always very interested to watch them and they almost always let us down. ‘Oh, I see why they didn’t use that,’ we say. ‘But it’s nice the producers put it on the DVD for us.’ Keeping this in mind … Continued

My book reading at the Wheeler Centre

I had the great honour of being the second person EVA to speak at Melbourne’s Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas in February this year. And whilst the highly-literate staff at the centre were all very lovely to me on the night, who knows how they’d treat me now if they saw me using … Continued