Barney the Guitar-Playing Crocodile

Today I spent a lovely morning down at Alphington Primary School in Melbourne’s inner-north talking to the Grade Threes and Fours about my book, blogging and writing in general.

They were a fun bunch and at the end of the morning we all wrote a little story together. One student – Tom – did a drawing of the hero of our tale and another student – Annabel – transcribed as the rest of us made the story up on the spot. Thanks to all the kids who contributed to the story (which was mostly everyone!) Here it is.

by the Grade 3/4s at Alphington Primary School


Once upon a time there was a guitar-playing Crocodile who got fired from a band. He had no job now so he had to play on the streets. One day a Mole came along and offered him a job in his band.

The End.

Nice one, Alphington Primary!


  1. Check out his sticker-covered guitar case! What a rockin’ croc.

  2. yeah and a lovely trilby-esque hat, too!

  3. Alphington Primay Grade 3B

    Hey Andrew,
    Thanks for posting our story on your blog, we think it’s great! Also thanks for taking the time to come and speak to us today about your new book, we loved it! We’re looking forward to reading it in class. Good luck with your next book.
    From Bek & Grade 3B

  4. that’s as good as some of the stuff our year 9s produce! great job!

  5. tom bufadeci 3B

    great book intresting unexpectered perficto

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